Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jason and Paul, the bromance begins

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd had known each other for a while -- they're in a couple of scenes together in Knocked Up -- but it wasn't until the pair were in Hawaii shooting the Segel-scripted Forgetting Sarah Marshall that they truly bonded.
It's a bond that serves them well in I Love You, Man, which is, after all, about male bonding.

"That was a rare experience," says Segel about making Forgetting Sarah Marshall. "We filmed at the same hotel where we stayed. It was a very insulated environment. We’d film during the day and then at night we would all just convene at the pool bar, and Paul and I became really good friends there. I think when we got the opportunity to do a buddy movie together it just seemed right.

"We really are familiar with each other's moods, and we both love comedy... we’re students of comedy, you know. Like he and I will sit around and quote Monty Python or the Mighty Boosh. We learned each other’s moves, which makes it very easy to play off of each other."


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