Thursday, January 22, 2009


Although The Curious Case of Benjamin Button dominated with 13 nominations (one shy of Titanic's record), the voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences looked kindly on some great little indies when the nominations came down this A.M..

Richard Jenkins as a worn-out academic who rediscovers some joy and love in his life thanks to a pair of illegal immigrants, recognized in the best actor field for The Visitor.

And Melissa Leo, a hardbitten upstate New York trailer mom who falls into smuggling illegal aliens (hey, it's a trend!) in Frozen River. The little-seen film set in upstate New York might hopefully get a re-release in theaters now. Its writer/director, Courtney Hunt, also received a original screenplay nomination, putting her in the company of Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky, Martin McDonough's In Bruges, Dustin Lance Black's Milk and the Pixar gang's Wall-E.

And I'm still feeling good about the Maximum City momentum of Slumdog Millionaire, although it would have been nice to see leading dude Dev Patel greeted with a nod. But ten nominations, including best picture, best director and adapted screenplay. Good day for India, good day for the indies!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gran Torino was slighted by the Oscars this year. It was one of the best movies that I have seen. Guess that politically incorrect words and Clint Eastwood are passe in Hollywood


12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I've seen quite a few movies these past 12 months, and I was fully taken by Clint's portrayal and the surrounding cast he chose. It was a sometimes funny, sometimes sad, most-times very real movie. It is beyond me how the MPA can overlook this film and Clint's acting in it. I read a few reviews where the movie critics stated that they couldn't get past Clint's language to vote for him or the movie. I guess that means they wouldn't have voted for 'Roots' or 'Pearl Harbor' as great movies then. Hell, the Ford Gran Torino was worth a nod itself! John W., Linfield, PA

6:51 PM  

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