Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kate times two

Kate Winslet -- in theaters with Revolutionary Road and The Reader -- says that even with fifteen years or more of experience in front of the camera, the work doesn't get any easier. But she does feel like she's getting a little more sure of herself trying things out for her director -- well, sometimes.

"It’s about confidence, growing confidence," says Winslet, nominated for best actress (Rev Road) and supporting actress (Reader) Golden Globes. "I have found myself in moments where I think, I’ve got an idea here but what if it’s awful? Will people think I’m stupid if I say this? Are they going to think I have the wrong handle on the character?

"It takes a lot of courage to speak up sometimes. And also sometimes knowing that maybe what I feel is the right thing, and what somebody else’s opinion might be could throw me off."

Winslet says she felt that pressure on The Reader, directed by Stephen Daldry. And she felt that pressure on Revolutionary Road, never mind that it was being steered by her husband, Sam Mendes.

"Even though I would say I’d share 90 percent of the same view with Stephen on how to approach the character, there was the 10 percent that I absolutely kept for myself. And I realized that’s the way I am with all my films….

"Even though I was married to the director on Revolutionary Road, there were things that I absolutely kept to myself."


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