Monday, April 02, 2007


A reader, Dave, emailed a correction over the weekend: In the sidebar roundup of vintage grindhouse titles that accompanied Sunday, April 1's, story on the Rodriguez/Tarantino exploitation double-header, I wrote that 1971's Vanishing Point starred Barry Nelson as a driver racing to get from Colorado to California, pursued by police. In fact, wrote Dave, it was "the long-forgotten Barry Newman, star of the long-forgotten Petrocelli TV series."
Apologies to both Barrys. But check out Vanishing Point if you get a chance. Nelson -- I mean Newman -- is super-cool, and Cleavon Little plays a blind DJ named Super Soul who gives the star some supernatural counsel via the AM radio in Newman's Dodge Challenger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a Dodge Challenger, not a Charger.

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