Thursday, February 01, 2007


Have you seen the trailer for Premonition, the Sandra Bullock thriller opening March 16th? A cop shows up at her door and says, "I'm sorry to tell you this. Your husband was in a car accident. He died on the scene -- yesterday." The only thing is, Bullock dreamt that awful moment, and her husband is still alive -- or maybe not, she's not sure. But she saw him making goo-goo eyes at his office workmate, that one-time supermodel Amber Valetta, and there's a calendar entry Bullock wrote on the day before her hubby's demise that reads "Jim dies!" in big red letters. Is she psychic or psychotic? Or is Premonition an unofficial sequel to Denzel Washington's thriller Deja Vu, and she's just messing with that same space-time continuum machine that the Feds were using down in New Orleans to alter the future and upset the past? To watch the trailer, click here.


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