Friday, October 13, 2006


There are four films out now, or coming between now and December, that have Kate Winslet in them: the unfortunate All the King's Men, the sublime and startling Little Children, Aardman Studios' animated rodent yarn Flushed Away (Winslet's the voice of the heroine, a punky-cute London rat) and the holiday-season romantic comedy The Holiday , opposite Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Winslet's All the King's Men colleague, Jude Law.
So, now, apart from a few days of press to promote the respective projects, Winslet has decalred herself on extended leave.
"From the beginning of last year until May of this year, I did three films," reports Winslet, who lives in New York with her husband, director Sam Mendes, and their two kids. "I wouldn’t usually do that many. But these were all amazing opportunities. So I'm taking a year off now. I’ve been off since May, and I’m probably not going to work again until next summer, because my daughter’s just started kindergarten, my son’s started preschool, and I don’t want to be pulling them out to go off to wherever and work....
"It’s been a busier time, which on the one hand has been absolutely amazing, but on the other one I’ve just run out of stuff now -- you know, run out of stock, just things, to throw into [the] characters."
So, no matter what comes along, Winslet's steadfastly maintaining her unemployment?
"Yes. Absolutely. And there have been things that have come in. And I’m reading, I am, I love reading scripts anyway. You can’t stop me from doing that!
And there have been some things that have come along that I thought, 'Oh, hell,' but then I thought `No, no.' And it’s no hardship saying no, when what I’m actually saying yes to is just being completely, consistently around and in one place with my children."


Blogger Tram said...

Kate rarely works anyways (she does, on average, one film a year)... which may be precisely the reason why I really hope she doesn't pick a crappy project - she only has a limited number of outings.

Word has it that her next one will be with hubby Sam Mendes. I'm kinda scared because it's an adaptation of Richard Yates' '50s suburb portrait, Revolutionary Road, and god forbid, it shall turn out to be American Beauty, Redux!

12:48 AM  
Blogger Steven Rea said...

I love that book. She didn't let on, if that's in the works. But thanks for the info

8:55 AM  

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